(March 13, 2020) Epic Brands’ Reach the Beach Dance National and Epic Tour event this weekend will include a dance competition on Saturday and a cheerleading competition on Sunday at the Ocean City convention center on 40th Street.


Saturday's competition will have over 1,500 participants dancing during the Reach the Beach Dance Nationals.

“This event is for school and all-star dance teams only,” Season Daugherty, Mid-Atlantic advisor for Epic Brands, said. “A few weeks ago, that event was rec and school cheer teams.”

On Saturday, for Reach the Beach Dance, over 1,500 participants will perform on 120 teams, with dancers ranging in age from 4 to 18 years or older in six divisions. The competition starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday and ends at 10 p.m.

Teams travel from all over the East Coast, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and North Carolina.

Dance categories include jazz, pom, hip hop, variety, kick off and contemporary. Teams are scored based on group execution and choreography. 

“Most dances tell a story throughout their 2:30 routines, making each performance engaging and very enjoyable,” Daugherty said. “Every year there are routines that you will never forget with themes that are just amazing to see come to life on the stage.”

All participants will receive a Reach the Beach gift. In addition, coaches from all teams will take home a Reach the Beach gift and national champions will receive jackets.

Reach the Beach will award multiple bids to Dance Worlds and Summit during Saturday’s events, which are end-of-season competitions that are invitation-only, held in Orlando, Florida.

To be eligible for Dance World and Dance Summit, participants must compete at a prior event and win a “bid.” After receiving a bid, participants get the chance to compete against the best dancers from around the world.

“A lot of the teams have been competing here for years, so it is exciting to see who the winners will be this year,” Daugherty said.

Six at-large bids will be given out during the competition this weekend. In addition, three fully paid bids will be awarded to the three highest-scoring teams.

A one-day spectator pass for the dance competition costs $23 for adults (ages 13-64) and $16 for children and seniors. Children 5 and younger will be admitted for free.

The Reach the Beach All-Star Epic Tour competition will take place Sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to around 10 p.m.

As this event is newer to the brand, 35 teams will be participating. Routines may not exceed two minutes and novice routines no longer than one minute and 30 seconds, while all stars are allotted two minutes and 30 seconds.

A one-day pass for the cheer competition costs $22 for adults (ages 13-64) and $15 for children and seniors. Children 5 and younger will be admitted for free.

For more information, call 877-322-2310 or visit theepicbrands.com.

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