(Nov. 9, 2018) Watch Marine Corps veteran Anthony Marquez of XVII Carvings use a chainsaw to carve a sculpture honoring veterans at K-Coast Surf Shop on 36th Street in Ocean City today, Nov. 9, at 9 a.m.

Marquez’s last deployment was to Sangin, Afghanistan, in 2011. His Battalion lost 17 members during that tour. In 2016, Marquez made it his mission to provide chainsaw carvings for each family member who lost their son during that 2011 deployment.

Since then, Marquez, who lives in Oklahoma, has been making customized carvings for individuals and performing live carvings demonstrations all over the country.

“He’s going to carve the boots, rifle and helmet, which we call a battlefield cross in the military,” Event Organizer Alex Mitchell said.


Marine Corps veteran Anthony Marquez carves intricate battlefield crosses, consisting of a rifle, boots and helmet, out of wood to raise money for veterans. Marquez will perform a live carving at K-Coast Surf Shop on 36th Street in Ocean City, today, Nov. 9.

Mitchell is also a Marine veteran and an Ocean Pines resident. He asked Marquez to display his talent to help raise awareness of mental health and addiction.

“That’s a guy who’s standing up there seven hours with a chainsaw working,” Mitchell said. “I’m [hosting this event] because I want to be able to let people know what type of help is out there for mental health and addiction.”

Mitchell has been struggling with mental illness his entire life and said he understands first-hand the challenges veterans face on a daily basis.

“I’m always trying to do things in the community and I’m excited to be someone who can bring people together for a good cause,” Mitchell stated in a press release.

Marquez’s carving to be completed on Friday has been purchased by the Worcester County Veterans Memorial Foundation. The 55-inch sculpture will be the latest addition to the memorial, located on Racetrack Road in Ocean Pines.

Veteran artists will also be on-sight selling their work. Each artist will donate one piece to the cause. The pieces will be raffled off to raise money for Joe Merritt’s organization, Community Building Arts Work. Tables with information about resources available to those suffering from mental health or addiction will also be at the event.

All proceeds will benefit the Community Building Arts Work, a charitable organization that builds healthy and connected communities where veterans and civilians share creative expression, mutual understanding, and support.

For more information on CBAW visit communitybuildingartworks.org.

For more information on Marquez’s sculptures, visit www.xviicarvings.com.  

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