(Feb. 8, 2019) Member of the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds made an appearance in Ocean City to discuss their participation in the 12th annual Ocean City Air Show, scheduled to take place June 15-16.

Captains Ari Mahajan and Robbie Hindle of the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds landed at the Ocean City airport last Thursday in a Canadair CT-114 Tutor.


Captains Ari Mahajan, left, and Robbie Hindle of the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds visit Ocean City last Thursday to discuss plans for the upcoming 12th annual Ocean City Air Show.

“Everyone was so welcoming last year. I can’t wait to come back [and] give our full show to the folks here, [to] all the visitors that are coming down,” Hindle said. “We just talked to the committee. They said there’s 500,000 people that end up on the beach. It’s going to be a fantastic time and a great show.”

“Our main objective is to demonstrate the skills, professionalism and teamwork of the armed forces,” Mahajan said. “This [performance] does an excellent job of conveying that message but also for recruiting and inspiring people. I think it’s an excellent way for young children to see and ... through these performances they’re able to find something that they are passionate doing.”

This will be the Snowbirds’ first performance in the Ocean City Air Show. Nine jets will perform for 35 minutes with group and solo formations.

Last year, over a half a million people watched the air show.

“We were honored to have them at the show this year,” Steve Webster, Ocean City Air Show coordinator, said. “[The Snowbirds] granted the Ocean City Air Show the opportunity to be here and perform in our event this year. It’s a major event for the Town of Ocean City, it’s a patriotic event, it’s family friendly and just a good time to come to the beach.”

The Town of Ocean City invited the Snowbirds for a solo performance last year and looked forward to working with them again.

“The air show had actually approached the Snowbirds about performing here last year and we had an opportunity to host them in May outside of the air show on a midweek Wednesday event as a standalone air show performance,” Town of Ocean City Special Events Coordinator Frank Miller said. “They came here to Ocean City, worked through the town and hosted a small one-day event with them flying for about 45 minutes.

“There’s not a lot of opportunities you get to actually see all these awesome aircraft flying over top the beach and ocean ... you don’t have a better backdrop than the Atlantic Ocean,” he continued.

Along with the Snowbirds, headlining this year’s show once again are the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

For more information, visit http://ocairshow.com.

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