(June 14, 2019) While the temperature may be cool inside the Carousel hotel atrium on 117th Street, the action is heating up on the ice rink as The Next Ice Age skaters commence the 19th annual summer performances.

The shows kicked off Wednesday and will take place at 6:30 p.m. Saturday through Thursday until Sunday, Sept. 1. Each performance will run about 30 minutes and are free to the public. Shows will not take place on Fridays.

“For the very first time we have an exact repeat cast which has never happened before,” Founding Director Nathan Birch said. “So we’re really excited because they all get along so great. They’re like a family and it’s the same people.”

This year’s theme is “Dream World” and Birch said it will be a “whole new show.” Birch began preparing this year’s routine at the end of May.


Practicing their new routine for The Next Ice Age’s “Dream World” performance on the ice rink at the Carousel on 117th Street, from left, are performers Richard Kahn, Laura Seal, Tess Terpos, Julia Choi and Ian Lorello.

“There’s songs that people will recognize and some that they won’t recognize but they should all be fun,” Birch said. “We build the shows specifically for this audience which is terrific because it’s not an enormous time commitment. When families come here to Ocean City, they have so much they want to do on vacation. The neat thing about this show is it’s unlike any other attraction that they could find anywhere else in Ocean City. It’s the only one of its kind.”

Members of The Next Ice Age team enjoy performing in Ocean City. 

“There’s a lot of variety to this show and there will be something for everybody to enjoy,” Laura Seal, 28, said. “It takes you through a journey to different time frames and currently popular music and I think the skating goes along well with the theme.”

“There’s a lot of group skating this year which is going to be really cool,” Richard Kahn, 22, said. “Nathan did a wonderful job once again choreography and choosing music and the costumes are going to look great.”

Returning to perform in Ocean City this season with Seal and Kahn are Tess Terpos, 22, Julia Choi, 20, and Ian Lorello, 29.

All of the skaters are Maryland residents except for Kahn, who is from Chicago. 

Since spectators are standing during the “Ice Pop” show and their proximity to the action on the rink is within a few feet, performers are constantly interacting with the crowd. Visitors are encouraged to meet the cast, ask for autographs and take pictures following The Next Ice Age performance.

“This year is a little bit different because there is popular music and also music some people haven’t heard,” Terpos said. “One song in particular we all love so we’re really excited about that.”

This year’s show will also feature new costumes which will fit with the theme, Choi said.

“We got the sketches a little later this year when we were already in Ocean City and the costumes are so beautiful,” Choi said. “They fit very well with the theme. We’re very excited.”

Show dining by rinkside is the best way to watch the show, according to Birch. He recommends guests come and eat early as to not be distracted during the actual show.

Those who wish to eat dinner during the show should call the hotel in advance at 410-524-1000 to make a reservation for rinkside dining.

“This show is going to be so cool,” Lorello said. “I’m really looking forward to performing it for the patrons of the Carousel and to experience this new show.”

The Next Ice Age, a nonprofit dance company on ice, has been producing skating shows for 30 years.

Visit www.thenexticeage.org to learn more about the performing arts company or to make a donation.

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