(Dec. 13, 2019) Clients of the Worcester County Developmental Center in Newark, Maryland, are once again making scented and festive soap baskets for the holiday season. 

Different soap styles are available, including seashells, shorebirds, crabs, starfish, seahorses, sea turtles and sand dollars, ranging in sizes from 2-7 ounces.


Homemade soaps are available for purchase individually or as a gift basket at the Worcester County Developmental Center in Newark, Maryland. Profits from these sales provides employment for adults with intellectual disabilities.

“The plant-based glycerin soap moisturizes your skin naturally,” Jack Ferry, executive director of the Worcester County Developmental Center, said. “It is gentle and works with your skin’s PH to retain your natural moisture. It is very good for people with dry, problem skin.”

Ferry said the idea for the project came as a way to provide jobs for their clients, who are adults with intellectual disabilities.

“We were looking for another business venture to provide jobs for our clients,” he said. “We felt that craft soaps were a growing trend that we could take advantage of. The Inner Ocean line is a perfect fit for us as it enables many of our clients to learn new skills and the self-confidence that comes from that learning.

“It is a way for our clients to express their creativity and show their talent,” Ferry continued. “When people purchase the soap and see how beautiful it is, I feel they gain a better understanding of the abilities that people with disabilities have. [Plus] it’s a way for our clients to earn money by creating and then selling the soap.”

Prices range from $4 for the round, 2-ounce soap bar to $30 for the special-order holiday gift baskets, which come with seven soaps of different sizes and shapes.

Clients can also customize the soap colors to match any décor, and the products come in a gift-wrapped organza bag. Each gift basket includes information about the clients who put it together.

Last year, the Worcester County Developmental Center sold 21 baskets along with 14 dozen individual bars and 15 guest soap mini-basket sets, Ferry said.

“Your skin will thank you for using Inner Ocean soap,” Ferry said. “It is made locally, so you help a local, small business with your purchase, and because your purchase and support of Inner Ocean creates meaningful employment for adults with intellectual disabilities in the area.”

The Worcester County Developmental Center’s mission is to empower people with intellectual disabilities to achieve economic and social independence by providing work opportunities and a support system.

This is the fifth holiday season of sales and clients have been making soaps for six years.

“When you purchase Inner Ocean soap you support a local, small business and lastly, you support people with disabilities,” Ferry said. “Our clients are talented and produce a quality product anyone would want to use. It’s not a product produced by, ‘them.’ It’s a quality product created by talented, local craftspeople. We want people to support us for the same reasons they support any other business.”

Purchase soaps year-round and learn more about the Worcester County Developmental Center by visiting www.wcdcservices.org or call 410-632-2382.

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