With precise determination, Ariah Wilson, a rising Buckingham Elementary fourth grader, glued colorful shapes onto a black paper butterfly Monday afternoon during a lesson on making mosaics in the school’s gymnasium.

Spread out around her on the shiny gym floor, her classmates did the same. Some collaborating with teachers, aides and peers, others working independently to create a variety of unique, colorful creations.

The scene was made possible through a partnership between Worcester County Public Schools and the Worcester County Arts Council for a summer arts week, which began Monday at Buckingham in Berlin, and continued throughout the week at four other county elementary schools.

Buckingham Principal Christine Welch said the roughly 60 students in second, third and fourth grades enrolled in the school’s summer school program rotated between three different stations — music and movement, mosaics, and print — and learned skills ranging from making mosaic butterflies to identifying the shapes in Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and moving their bodies to mimic them.

Buckingham music-group dance-1.JPG

A group of Buckingham Elementary students participate in a music and movement lesson during a summer arts week class Monday at the Berlin school.

Guidance came from instructors from the arts council, who offered not only their expertise, but also materials for the students.

Emely Martin, the after-school coordinator at Buckingham, said the arts activities were a nice break for the summer school students. She said they like to offer these types of fun activities alongside regular class curriculums.

Summer arts week continued throughout the week, with programs scheduled at Snow Hill Elementary on Tuesday, Pocomoke Elementary Wednesday, and Showell and Ocean City elementary schools on Thursday.

This story appears in the printed version of the Ocean City Today on July 23, 2021.

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