From Atlantic General Hospital:

BERLIN, Md. – Atlantic General Hospital officials announced they will begin holding weekly COVID-19 vaccine clinics focused solely on individuals 65 and older, with the first clinic on Tuesday, January 26. Additional clinics that meet phase 1B and 1C requirements will be added as vaccine becomes available.

Vaccine clinics will be held Tuesdays through Fridays at the hospital, with new clinics posted each week as vaccine becomes available from the Maryland Department of Health.

Online registration is required through the state of Maryland’s COVID-19 vaccine scheduling website. To register, go to It is recommended that anyone who is not comfortable filling out web forms seek the help of a friend or family member to complete the registration process. There is no alternate registration options for the hospital clinics; all registrations must be scheduled through this web site.

The clinics scheduled for January 26-29 filled completely within a matter of minutes of posting to the website. New clinic dates will be posted as vaccine arrives.

“We ask for the community’s patience as vaccine distribution remains limited,” said Matt Morris, vice president of patient care services at Atlantic General Hospital. “We are working closely with the Worcester County Health Department to vaccinate the community as quickly as possible.”

The current clinics at Atlantic General Hospital are only for individuals who are 65 years of age or older. Anyone who registers on the website but does not fall into this age group will have their appointment removed from that clinic. Cancelled appointments will be backfilled from the waiting list for that particular clinic. However, a waiting list will not be rolled from one clinic date to the next.

Officials stress that anyone who arrives without an appointment or does not meet the age requirement will not be able to receive the vaccine.

“In accordance with state directives, it is critical that we vaccinate our most vulnerable community members first,” said Morris.

Those with an appointment should go to the main lobby at Atlantic General Hospital, no more than 15 minutes before their scheduled vaccination time. Please bring a driver’s license or other form of age identifying photo identification to your appointment.

For more information, visit

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