(Oct. 12, 2018) Plans were unanimously approved for proposals to expand Fort Whaley and Frontier Town campgrounds during the Worcester County Planning and Zoning meeting last Thursday.

The Fort Whaley Campground expansion proposal involved parking, traffic, bike racks, lighting, and design initiatives.

Each campsite has between two and two-and-a-half parking spaces, according to the proposal. Additional parking is proposed near a bathhouse and recreational center. There is existing parking provided near the store, and bike racks are also available for patrons.

Fort Whaley

The Worcester County Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved plans to expand the Fort Whaley and Frontier Town campgrounds during a public meeting, last week. 

The site’s legend has lighting using 223-watt lights mounted on 20-foot poles, according to the proposal. The area will also align to its roots in the Old West.

“This development is located within the agricultural tradition, but it also holds its own unique character and history as part of the old western theme,” the proposal said.

Developer Bob Hufnagel said as part of forest conservation efforts, there will be an additional 2,000 trees planted over 13 acres.

The request to add 101 campsites to Frontier Town Campground was unanimously approved.

The campsites would be on the eastern side of Stephen Decatur Highway, near Assateague Way, according to the proposal.

A proposal was originally approved at a July 6, 2017 meeting for 213 campsites at the northern southern and amenity sections of the property, but the Worcester County Commissioners’ approved the initiative under the condition of 101 campsites because of limits on sewer treatment capacity, as measured by equivalent dwelling units.

The proposal was amended to serve the 101 campsites, according to the proposal.

Vice Chairman Jay Knerr asked what would become of the additional space, and Attorney Hugh Cropper said the “it’ll just sit.”

Cropper added that his client would like to appeal its request for additional EDUs.

The motion for approval was made by Jerry Barbieri and seconded by Marlene Ott.

Rachel Ravina is a reporter for Ocean City Today. She's a graduate of Penn State, as well as a news enthusiast passionate about covering things people want to read.

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