Mary Beth Carozza

Mary Beth Carozza

Talks about environment, health, education initiatives for committee assignment

 (Jan. 4, 2019) In her freshman year as a state senator, Mary Beth Carozza will serve on the Environment, Health, and Education Committee, which she says will allow her to focus on small business, health care, agriculture and commercial fishing.

“This is a key committee assignment for my constituents in District 38,” Carozza said. “I will make sure our shore voice is heard and considered as we work through education, health and environmental policies affecting locals in all three counties.”

As for education, Carozza said, “I will work for fair education funding formulas for our shore schools [and] strong career-trades-technology education.

She also said she is aiming to promote tax relief for retirees and small business, and a balanced approach to encouraging growth while recognizing the need to protect the environment.

Carozza expressed her concerns about proposed legislative policies she feels “will put more mandates and regulations” on industries in her district such as hospitality, health care and agriculture. 

“We need to support our job creators and not make it harder for them to run their business and provide good jobs in our communities,” Carozza in a statement. 

When reviewing Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposed fiscal year 2020 budget, she said she’s looking forward to learning more “details of the proposed public school construction budget.”

As part of the county’s capital improvement plan, the Worcester County Commissioners unanimously approved a planning document at a Nov. 7 meeting for projects estimating $91 million, but Superintendent Lou Taylor said at the meeting that the funds “include the $38.9 million of local funding already approved for the Showell Elementary School project.” 

The new Showell Elementary School in Worcester County is already under construction, while proposed construction projects include an addition for Stephen Decatur Middle School, renovating Buckingham Elementary School, and roof replacements for Pocomoke Elementary, Pocomoke Middle and Snow Hill Middle schools.

There is an open meeting where constituents can attend every Friday during the legislative session for the Eastern Shore Delegation from 9-11 a.m. in the House Lowe Building in Annapolis.

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