Pleasant Manor Apartment

Several cases filed by the Severn Company, which manages Pleasant Manor Apartments in Snow Hill, were dismissed by a judge on Wednesday morning after discussions between Maryland Legal Aid and the management company took place.

A Worcester County District Court judge dismissed several cases against residents of the Pleasant Manor Apartments in Snow Hill on Wednesday after a representative of the property requested it.

Judge Gerald V. Purnell started his morning in court listening to landlord versus tenant cases, where many landlords made claims of being owed money from tenants facing eviction.

Six tenants from the Pleasant Manor Apartments on Church Street were facing court action by the parent company of the property, The Severn Companies, on Wednesday morning, and all but one were dropped.

The one case not dropped was a resident who owed $1,681 for July and August rents, and the judge ordered the resident to pay up or be evicted.

The other five residents faced complaints involving late charges for rent being past due.

One resident explained on Wednesday morning that rent is due on the first of each month. Some of the residents at Pleasant Manor live on Social Security and do not receive their checks until the third of each month. Even so, that works because rent paid on or before the fifth of each month are considered current payments. But after the fifth, late fees will begin to pile up.

The resident explained that he is never late with paying rent, and if nobody is in the office, said he has been told by past management to slide the payment under the door.

Despite getting a money order that is dated and provided before the fifth of the month, the resident said, management does not process the checks until the seventh of the month.

As a result, the rent is counted as late.

Some of the residents at Pleasant Manor who were summonsed to appear contacted Maryland Legal Aid for representation.

Whether that contributed to the cases’ dismissal or some other reasoning was involved is unknown, since neither the representatives for Legal Aid nor Pleasant Manor responded to requests for comment.

This story appears in the Sept. 16, 2022 print edition of the OC Today.

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