Tremaine Wilson

Tremaine Wilson

(Jan. 15, 2021) Tremaine Wilson, 36, of Elkridge was arrested on Jan. 11 for sexual assault of a minor, second-degree assault and third- and fourth-degree sexual offenses stemming from an alleged incident on July 18 in Ocean City. 

The Worcester County Child Advocacy Center initially referred the case to Ocean City Police Det. Michael Karsnitz on Oct. 1.

Howard County Police had earlier interviewed the 12-year-old female victim who was reportedly staying with a friend and family at a condo on 51st Street during the July 18 weekend.

The girl told investigators she was sleeping alongside her friend in the bottom half of two pushed together bunkbeds and was awakened when Wilson fell off the top bunk.

After leaving the room, the child said Wilson returned and began fondling her toes, eventually reaching up and touching her vagina over pajama pants.

The child said that Wilson proceeded to get on top of her without muttering a word, at which point she reached over to awaken her friend, who is Wilson’s daughter.

Before anything else could transpire the child said she pushed Wilson away with both hands and he left the room.

The victim said Wilson was clad only in boxer shorts and placed the incident at about 3 a.m.

Subsequent to the assault, the girl said Wilson contacted her via social media offering to purchase gifts and requesting pictures.

Ocean City detectives interviewed Wilson about the allegations on Dec. 28.

Wilson admitted to being on vacation with his family and the female victim on the dates in question but denied making physical contact with the youth.

Police said Wilson agreed to take a polygraph test that indicated deceptive answers about touching the child.

Wilson has a preliminary hearing on Feb. 8 in Worcester County District Court.

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