(Oct. 25, 2019) The following took place during Monday night’s City Council meeting:

Bike committee report

DeLuca reported the addition of a new representative from the State Highway Administration, Mark Gillis, who would fill in if Jana Potvin, SHA Assistant district engineer, could not attend a meeting. 

He also reported that the police department and members of the committee had distributed a total of 865 bike lights in 2019, as compared to 208 last year.

The program will be tabled until March 2020. 

DeLuca mentioned the West Ocean City hiker/biker trail project, which is on schedule and projected to be completed by the end of the year.

Impediments to cycling on 67th Street have been resolved, while those on Siesta Villa are still being discussed. Impediments on 72nd and 73 Street are projected to be resolved by next spring. 

Awards for the Bicycle Friendly Communities application would be announced in November, the councilman said. 

Lastly, an Ocean City Strava profile has been created. Sgt. Rick Wawrzeniak and City Communications Manager Jessica Waters worked together to develop the profile, and it is currently in its Beta stage. 

Strava is a cycling and running app that allows users to track their running and riding paths with GPS. 

Users may create their own paths, and share them publicly. 

Wawrzeniak suggested during the Oct. 9 meeting the possibility of creating a persona for the profile, much like Rodney the Lifeguard. 

Police update

OC Police Chief Ross Buzzuro reported to the council statistics on calls for service. 

Buzzuro said there was a 9.9 percent increase in officer calls for service this September, rising from 2,835 in 2018 to 3,117. He said there was 7.4 percent increase in citizen calls for service as well, from 2,114 to 2,271.

Among the top 25 calls for service, Buzzuro said the top 10, which includes traffic stops and disorderly conduct, increased, because of an unsanctioned car event that took place at the end of the month. 

Councilman Tony DeLuca asked Buzzuro how the city had managed to reduce its smoking citations by 75 percent. 

Buzzuro said the 75 percent decrease of smoking citations was because of the police department’s enforcement efforts, as well as educational efforts partaken by the city. 

He also said crime statistics are once again lower, and that the city would again see another year of decreased crimes. 

Consent agenda

The council voted unanimously to approve the following events: the 2020 Ocean City More than Pink Walk on April 25, the Sand Duels Beach Soccer Challenge Series on June 6-7 and July 25, as well as the Beach and Sand Soccer Series on June 20-21 and Aug. 1. 

Councilman Mark Paddack asked why the event fees for the soccer events were significantly higher than those of the Pink Walk. 

City Special Events Coordinator Lisa Mitchell replied that the Pink Walk was a non-profit event, while the soccer events were for profit.


Council President Lloyd Martin was absent for the meeting, so Council Secretary Mary Knight filled his role for him.

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