City Council members addressed a number of topics during a meeting on Monday, such as property acquisition, addition of new board member and traffic housekeeping. 

(Aug. 16, 2019) The following took place during Tuesday’s City Council work session meeting. 

Property acquisition 

During a closed session, Councilman Tony DeLuca made a motion to purchase a property for $1.1 million, which would be used to expand a water treatment facility. 

The motion was seconded by Councilman Mark Paddack, and passed a council vote 5-1. Councilman Matt James opposed the purchase, while Council Secretary Mary Knight was absent. 

New board members

The council voted unanimously to appoint Steve Benney and Tim Nengel to the Ocean City Noise Board. 

The noise board works with property managers and handles noise violations within the city. 

Mayor Rick Meehan swore the two into the position. 

Traffic housekeeping

City Manager Doug Miller discussed plans to propose an ordinance to amend Chapter 90, which would update language used in regards to parking fines. 

Currently, scofflaw is defined as any person who has received three or more unpaid tickets totaling $100 or more.

Miller said the change was necessary because after the town switched to the new parking system it no longer gave out tickets. Instead, it sends out an administrative fee and the amount of the unpaid parking fee. 

He said that the ordinance was still being worked on, and would be presented to the council at the next meeting. 

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