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The City Council addressed the following topics during its meeting on Monday:

Choose your ride

After the idea gained traction during the Police Commission meeting last Monday, Wayne Hartman presented a proposal for the “Choose Your Ride,” anti-DUI marketing campaign to the full council.

To discourage people from getting behind the wheel when intoxicated, Hartman suggested Ocean City follow the lead of the Miami Police Department, which has employed out-of-commission law enforcement vehicles for a public safety initiative.  

“The front is a cop car and the back half is painted like a taxi,” he said. “If you drink, take a cab or end up in police custody.”

Hartman said Miami also painted “Choose Your Ride,” as a public safety visual reminder.

Hartman said the Police Commission supported sending the idea to the council for approval.

Councilman Dennis Dare suggested gathering more details, including pricing, and revisiting the topic at an upcoming work session. 

Hartman made a motion, which received unanimous support, while noting the costs should be minimal.

“We need to tow it to a location and it needs half a paint job,” he said.

Zoning map revisions

The council approved a pair of zoning ordinances based on recommendations from the Planning and Zoning Commission last month.

The first ordinance adds amusement arcades as a conditional use in a BM-1 Bayside Marine District. The  commission approved the measure on June 5.

The commission said the conditional use should not interfere or adversely affect current or future marine operations and should not result in the loss of water-related activities.

The recommendation from the zoning commission also noted permitting the conditional use provides an economic benefit to the city as source of employment and the income-related taxes generated.

The second ordinance amends the zoning district map to correct a split zoning classification at 3401 Coastal Highway.

The parcel was largely zoned LC-1 low commercial, with a small portion classified as R-2 medium residential.

During its June 5 meeting, the zoning commission also approved this ordinance.

The zoning commission said the amendment was required to correct a zoning map mistake from January 1993.

Upon council approval, the entire parcel would be zoned as LC-1 low commercial.

The zoning commission said there is no reason for the parcel to be divided into different zoning classifications, while also noting the city’s Comprehensive Plan recognizes the ‘bayside’ of Coastal Highway as a preferred location for commercial development.

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