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(March 15, 2019) The Worcester County Commissioners approved bids for several projects, and allowed the county’s Department of Public Works to solicit bids for a sewer line-cleaning job at their meeting last Tuesday.

County roads project bid

The commissioners unanimously approved a bid for paving approximately 15 miles of county roads. 

The work should be completed by June 14, according to a proposal. 

John Tustin, director of the Worcester County Public Works Department, said the plan is to resurface roughly 13.59 miles of county roads, 1.02 miles of road for the Roads Division of Public Works and 1.90 miles of road for the Solid Waste Division.

Allan Myers, of Dover Delaware, was chosen to do the work. It’s expected to cost $1,020,692.40 to resurface the roads, $55,601 for the paving fabric and $160,908 for the road at the Solid Waste Division, according to a proposal. 

Of the five submitted bids, Tustin recommended Allan Myers as the low bidder.

Commissioner Chip Bertino moved to approve the bid, and Commissioner Jim Bunting seconded it.

The commissioners previously voted to allow the department to solicit bids during a Feb. 12 meeting. 

The projects will be covered by $1 million allocated in the FY19 general fund budget, as well as $500,000 drawn from the county fund balance, according to the proposal. Another $175,000 would come from separate funds to cover the central landfill lane for the Solid Waste Division. 

Tustin acknowledged the bidders’ common theme: cost.

“Due to bids coming in higher than estimated, we will monitor the paving schedule and make [sure] any necessary adjustments reflect in our fall paving schedule as a priority,” he said in a proposal. 

Resurfacing project bid

The commissioners unanimously approved a bid for a paving project for slurry seal surfacing of nearly 13 miles of county roads.

Two bids were submitted for the resurfacing efforts: Asphalt Paving Systems Inc., of Hammonton, New Jersey, for $464,798.34, and Slurry Pavers Inc., of Richmond, Virginia, for $475,998.30, according to the proposal. 

Of the two bids submitted, Tustin recommended Asphalt Paving Systems Inc., as the low bidder to complete the 12.73-mile job, according to the proposal.

There is $1 million allocated for road resurfacing projects as part of the FY19 general fund account, according to the bid proposal. An additional $500,000 is also available in the assigned fund balance. 

Commissioner Ted Elder made a motion to approve the bid, which Bunting seconded. 

Selsey Road project bid

The commissioners unanimously approved a bid to help bolster approximately 7.5 acres of marshes, beaches and upland in the Cape Isle of Wight community.

Katherine Munson, planner for the county’s Department of Environmental Programs, said five bids were submitted, ranging from $43,603 to $90,000.

The county commissioners entered into a $50,000 grant agreement with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in September 2018 for design and permits, according to Munson’s memo.

Munson said the grant was established to create a “shoreline stabilization a marsh restoration project using natural features, adjacent to the Selsey Road.”

Of the five bids submitted, Environmental Programs Director Robert Mitchell recommended a low bid of $43,603 from Coastline Design.

Commissioner Bud Church made a motion to approve Coastline Design, which Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom seconded.

WOC sewer line cleaning

Bids are being solicited to clean and inspect the gravity sewer lines at the West Ocean City Service Area.

There was $50,000 included in the 2018-19-budget to monitor the sewer lines, according to the bid proposal. 

Interested parties can get more information on bids at the Office of the County Commissioners at the Worcester County Government Center on One West Market St., Room 1103, in Snow Hill.

Sealed bids will be accepted until 1 p.m. on April 9, and should have “Bid for Contract Number 580-19-01, Sewer Line Cleaning and Internal Inspection – West Ocean City” marked in the lower left hand corner. People should send them to the Office of the County Commissioners.

Bunting made a motion to allow the project’s bid solicitation, and Elder seconded it. The vote was unanimous.

Worcester County Commissioners President Diana Purnell was absent from last Tuesday's meeting. 

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