Construction continues on the drywall and ceiling at the Main Street lobby of the replacement Showell Elementary School. The county school board authorized a roughly $2.47 million requisition to continue construction on the project.

(Nov. 22, 2019) Progress on the construction of the replacement Showell Elementary School continues to be made, as the Worcester County Board of Education approved a $2.47 million requisition at its meeting Tuesday. 

Over the past month, construction workers have installed gas and water service, sanitary sewer piping, as well as a cooling tower pad and related equipment, according to progress reports presented by Facilities Planner Joe Price and Bill Moschler, project manager of Oak Contracting LLC. 

A number of projects are currently in the works at the Showell Elementary replacement school’s construction site, including roofing, door frames, insulation, stormwater structures and piping, wood blocking for the roof, and interior framing and drywall, according to the building progress report. 

Crews expect to install metal panels, a ceiling grid, a kitchen exhaust hood, and a walk-in refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen within the next month, according to the progress reports. 

The project’s budget is roughly $39.8 million, and about $14.67 million in payments have been authorized since construction began in September 2018. 

Approximately $22.7 million  remain in the project’s budget, according to the board. 

Construction is expected to finish by next September.

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