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(Feb. 1, 2019) A request to purchase a one-year subscription to TransUnion was approved last Tuesday during a Worcester County Commissioners meeting. 

Phil Thompson, county finance officer, said the system is used to track down property owners when dealing with tax sales, property collections, or nuisance properties. The subscription costs $75 per month, or $900 annually.

Thompson said his office participated in a free trial in December “and determined that the system would be a very good tool for the department to utilize.”

He said his office has access to tax identifications and addresses via the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation’s website, but the information is not always current. He stressed the importance of having “our own system in place.”

Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom said he knew that was an issue Pocomoke, but was unaware the problem was countywide.

“We’re doing more and more than we ever have, and we have a great deal of success working with this platform whereas SDAT, no offense, their info is their info and in many cases it’s outdated,” Thompson said.

Nordstrom asked Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins if the venture would have a positive return, and Higgins said it would. Thompson added it would pay for itself “many times over in the short term.”

Thompson went on to say the service would further be beneficial to the county because it could help alleviate the backlog of cases.

“It’s helped tremendously, just with the current cases that we’re working with the excess proceeds. We’re probably able to find certainly more than 50 percent of them,” Thompson said. “Some of those cases [are] going back well over 20 years.”

Commissioner Jim Bunting moved to approve the request, which was seconded by Commissioner Bud Church.

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