Worcester County Commissioners

(March 15, 2019) Consulting work to test the central landfill facility’s groundwater for the 2019-20 calendar year was approved last Tuesday during a Worcester County Commissioners meeting.

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc., PBC, plans to sample and report on “groundwater, surface water and leachate” at the Newark facility.

EA Engineering has a corporate office in Hunt Valley, Maryland, with satellite campuses nationwide, and a location in Ocean Pines, according to the company’s website. 

The consulting firm proposed conducting groundwater services that would cost $145,621.38, or $72,810.69 per year, according to John Tustin, director of the Worcester County Department of Public Works. The next two years were expected to be more expensive because of a 17 percent increase from the 2017-18 sampling costs.

Commissioner Chip Bertino questioned the 17 percent increase, but Tustin explained it previously cost $175 per sample, and now costs $295 per sample.

The Maryland Department of Environment’s refuse disposal permit stipulates the work is needed, according to the proposal. Current and future funding is available via the solid waste operating budgets.

Commissioner Jim Bunting made a motion to approve the firm’s proposal, which was seconded by Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom.

In other business:

Replacement vehicles

It looks like the Worcester County Department of Public Works will get to have their cake and eat it too – with an extra set of wheels on the side. 

Last June, the county commissioners approved the department’s current budget, which included replacement of a 1997 dump truck and a 1989 grader with a ‘V’ plow. 

This year, department officials said they wanted to keep the old vehicles for training purposes, according to a proposal presented last Tuesday.

Bunting moved to use the vehicles for training purposes, and Commissioner Bud Church seconded it. The vote was unanimous.

Advertising surplus items

Nearly 100 types of vehicles and equipment could be finding a new home.

The county commissioners last Tuesday unanimously approved advertising the county-owned property for three weeks.

After the advertising period concludes, there will be a public hearing where people can voice their concerns. The items will then go to auction, according to a memorandum.

The vehicles include Chevrolet Silverados, Ford Crown Victorias and several types of Ford trucks, according to a list. Tractors, garage doors, air compressors, and other equipment will also be advertised. 

Bertino moved to advertise the surplus vehicles, and Bunting seconded the motion.

Pump purchase

The process of purchasing two pumps for a pump station in West Ocean City was expedited after the commissioners unanimously voted to skip bidding requirements.

The commissioners allowed the department to purchase the equipment from Sherwood-Logan, a Flygt brand pump supplier, for $37,625, according to the proposal. The 2018-19 water and wastewater budget allotted $40,000 for the pumps.

Tustin said these specific pumps are used at stations countywide, and they “have proven themselves to be very reliable, durable and operator friendly.”

Bunting made a motion to waive the bidding requirements, which was seconded by Commissioner Ted Elder.

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