The portion of West Ocean City Harbor west of Governor's Dock and in front of a set of public restrooms will now be available for county use or county joint ventures. Worcester County Recreation and Parks intends to lease the space to dock "The Alyosha" catamaran. 

(Sept. 6, 2019) A part of the West Ocean City Harbor is now designated for county use or county joint ventures and could be leased to dock the catamaran, “The Alyosha.” The space is between Governor’s Dock and the recreational boat ramp at West Ocean City Harbor.

The commissioners may now use the space for a variety of purposes, as it was previously unused space. Commissioner Joseph Mitrecic approved the motion and Commissioner Ted Elder seconded.

Mitrecic noted that the measure will “allow doors to open.” Commissioner Jim Bunting opposed the motion.

“We’re taking this away something that belongs to the public,” Bunting said. “It’s an area that’s very important. We’ve done our very best to keep commercial purposes away from our boat ramps or parks.”

Commissioner Chip Bertino also opposed the motion.

That same space may be leased by Thrive Engineering LLC, to dock the catamaran “Alyosha.” The Alyosha currently takes guests on cruise and sailing trips several times a day from on Harbor Road in West Ocean City. 

The minimum rental fee is $8,500, plus advertisement fees yet to be determined. 

The lease would begin Oct. 1 and run through Sept. 30, 2024. Tom Perlozzo, director of Worcester County Recreation and Parks, came forth with the request as an opportunity for West Ocean City.  

“The proposed docking of the Alyosha will add an attraction to the West Ocean City area and support another business,” Perlozzo said. “In addition to that, it’ll eventually create sailing programs through the recreation and parks department.” 

Perlozzo said he doesn’t currently see any drawbacks and is excited to have the catamaran in the harbor. 

Commissioner Mitrecic motioned to approve the lease agreement for the Alyosha and Commissioner Elder seconded. 

There will be opportunity for public comment and objection on Oct. 1.

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