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(Oct. 11, 2019) As part of the annual general fund audit, the Worcester County Commissioners approved end-of-the-year budget transfers and encumbrance requests for the fiscal year 2019 budget during their meeting on Oct. 1. Budget transfer requests are typically due to unforeseen expenditures and are a part of the annual budget audit.

According to Budget Office Kathy Whited, the FY19 budget was adopted on June 5, 2018 for $190 million. After that, the county department and agency heads kept track of their individual budgets to make one large budget transfer request to the commissioners.

The budget transfer requests totaled $294,726. This total notably included $42,458 in the following encumbrance request mostly from the Department of Emergency Services due to a contract with Federal Engineering, as well as upgrades to public works buildings, new software equipment, and open purchase orders. 

Commissioner Chip Bertino moved to approve the budget transfers, and Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom seconded the motion.  

Whited also reported the final numbers of the fiscal year for assigned encumbrances, another function of the audit. This reserve is for contracts or purchase orders that are fulfilled the following year. The total encumbrance request for FY19, according to Whited, was $1,841,755.

Whited said that the departments requested a total of $229,558 for committed projects that are currently underway, $1,259,847 for allocated funds for grants that are still open and not yet completed and $352,350 for “other,” which include “various projects for public works, library computer operating system updates, carryover funds from Rural Legacy and conservation projects.” 

Commissioner Bertino moved to approve the reserve for assigned encumbrances, and Commissioner Jim Bunting seconded the motion.  

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