Ross Buzzuro

Ross Buzzuro

(April 16, 2021) Crime in Ocean City is on an upward trend, according to Police Chief Ross Buzzuro, after being in a downward swing because of the covid pandemic.

During a police commission meeting on Monday, the chief suggested there is an increase in crimes among those who visit the resort area compared to those who live here full time.

He also said, in the traditional sense for March, there were more people in Ocean City than in years past, which is something that appeared to be a buildup of cabin fever after being inside for so long.

According to the chief’s report, the police department initiated 244 traffic stops last year compared to 668 this year.

Along with the increase in traffic stops, in March the police department responded to 48 collisions, or 21 more than in 2020; 39 domestic assaults or disputes, 13 more than last year; 29 DWI investigations or arrests, 18 more than 2020; and 21 assaults that had occurred before officers arrived on the scene, or 15 more than 2020.

“The dynamic of this town this March versus last March, obviously, is covid-related,” Buzzuro said.

Additionally, in March 2021, the department issued three criminal citations and made 12 drug arrests, 33 DUI arrests, and 20 weapons arrests.

In comparison, the department issued one criminal citation and made three drug arrests, three DUI arrests, and no weapons arrests in March 2020.

Buzzuro said the boost in weapons arrests were connected to spring-assisted knives, not firearms, which is consistent with previous years.

As crimes are up, so are the number of calls.

In March this year, the department fielded 1,877 calls for service compared to 1,106 in 2020, or 771 more calls.

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