John Burch

John Kelly Burch, 18, of Harrington, Delaware

(Jan. 25, 2019) An 18-year-old Delaware man was arrested on Jan. 14 in connection with an alleged assault at an uptown hotel, according to an arrest report from the District Court of Maryland for Worcester County.

John Kelly Burch, of Harrington, was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, according to the report.

Police responded at around 4:18 a.m. to reports of a domestic dispute at the hotel. Staff at the front desk said they saw a man assault a woman, but the couple left the hotel in a red Acura going south on Coastal Highway, according to the report. 

One staff member said he heard a thump he believed came from a higher floor. He was looking at the live surveillance feed on the fourth floor and saw a woman and a man, later identified as Burch, engaging in a physical altercation, the report said. The couple returned to their room and the staff member went to the hotel room to try and help, but when Burch answered the door he allegedly shoved the staff member and said, “nothing’s wrong.”

Burch and the woman left the room and, when the staff member followed, Burch allegedly shoved him again, the report said. They then got into the Acura and drove away.

Police observed the surveillance footage, which showed the woman trying to use the elevator and Burch shoving her into the elevator door, grabbing her by her shirt and throwing her to the ground, according to the report. The footage also showed Burch grabbing the woman’s hair and dragging her toward the hotel room.

The report detailed additional footage that showed the woman get away and attempt to move toward the elevator, but Burch grabbed her arm and dragged her once again back to the room. The woman scraped her knee and Burch then allegedly hit her in the chest several times.

Police stopped the suspect’s vehicle in the vicinity of 78th Street, according to the report. Officers also saw the woman’s scraped right knee.

The woman initially told police Burch just shoved her into the elevator door, but later admitted to the other incidents, the report said. 

Burch was initially held without bond on Jan. 14, but was released on his own recognizance the following day, according to the District Court of Maryland. His trial is set for Feb. 15.  

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