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After canal dredging projects were delayed last year OC is looking to double up this offseason.

(Nov. 30, 2018) After a trio of canal dredging projects were delayed last year because of permitting issues, the City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to amend the earlier contract with low bidder, Brittingham Construction and Landscaping, to include additional locations this year.

City Engineer Terry McGean said a competitive bid process was held last year to mechanically dredge: Canal 2A (south of Teal Drive,) Canal 54 (between Peach Tree Road and 136th Street) and Canal 57 (between 141st Street and Laurel Road).

“The low bidder on the project was Brittingham Construction and Landscaping,” he said. “They bid $35 a cubic yard, which is the lowest per cubic yard price that we have had in the history of doing these projects.”

McGean told the council during a work session on Tuesday the positive fiscal news was offset by other factors that kept the work from advancing.

“The bad news was, as a result in delays in getting our permit from the [Army] Corps of Engineers, we were unable to do any of that dredging last year,” he said.

Noting that the delayed projects bid amount was roughly $169,000 under budget last year, McGean said a comparable arrangement was reached this year.

“The contractor has agreed to hold his $35 per cubic yard price to do the canals we had scheduled for this year,” he said. “We’ll be doing essentially two years’ worth of dredging in a single year.”

Included in the slate of work this year are Canals 44 & 46 (Jamestown Road area) and Canal 56 (between 139th Street and Loop Road), which were budgeted at $300,000.

“The price for the canals this year is $296,500,” he said.

McGean noted that price include dredging both public channels and private boat slips, with the latter being reimbursed.

“The cost for just the public channel, which is what we pay for, is $212,500,” he said. “It is well under the $300,000 we had budgeted for this year.”

McGean said the cost to complete the delayed dredging from last year was for more than $372,000.

The dredging projects are scheduled to finish prior to next April.

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