(Nov. 29, 2019) Although 40-year-old Robert Eric Kline had been the one to call police for an assault, it was he who found himself under arrest last Thursday.

Early that morning around 2:57 a.m., police received a domestic dispute call near a downtown convenience store. 

There, they met Kline who told police that his partner, who he claimed was intoxicated, had assaulted him. 

Police reported seeing a bleeding abrasion on the left side of his nose. 

Kline led police to his girlfriend’s apartment, and the officer interviewed her. 

She told the officer that she and Kline had been arguing after he arrived at her apartment intoxicated. 

Because he was intoxicated, he had missed his bus to Pocomoke where he had multiple appointments the following day, she said. 

Kline had assaulted her before, she told police, so she had turned on her laptop’s webcam to record the argument in case he assaulted her again. 

When she told Kline that he was being recorded, he reportedly picked up the laptop and slammed it on her head, breaking the bottom of the laptop and shattering the screen. 

The officer reported that the alleged-assault victim had a bump on her scalp. 

She told police that any marks on Kline’s person was a result of her defending herself, and that she had not touched him otherwise. 

Police arrested Kline, who faces one count of second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property.

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