(Nov. 8, 2019) An investigation of a broken glass door led to a drug bust after police discovered suspect Jacob Dylan Forrester, 20, of Ocean City, appeared to be operating a marijuana distribution operation from his 57th Street apartment. 

An officer responded to a property damage call on Oct. 29, around 7:31 p.m. and found that a glass door had been broken by a small projectile, most likely from a BB gun or pellet gun, the police report said. 

The officer reported that during an investigation of the perimeter of the property, he or she heard several popping sounds. 

According to the report, the sound came from the west end of 57th Street, and the officer saw an apartment building with its lights on. 

When the officer arrived at the front door of the apartment, a male, later identified as Scott William Berry, appeared holding two black handguns. 

The 19-year-old Ocean City resident told police that the guns were BB guns, and that he and his friend had been shooting the guns in the backyard earlier that evening. 

Backup arrived on scene and while police interrogated Berry, the officer went to inspect the apartment, looked through a window and saw a marijuana grinder, the police report said. 

The officer reported knocking on the door, and Forrester opened the door, giving the officer clear view of a mason jar allegedly filled with marijuana. 

Forrester confirmed Berry’s account, and told police that one of them had accidentally shot one of their BB guns toward the residence. 

During an interview, police reported Forrester said he had received marijuana from a source in Salisbury, and intended to sell it. 

Police arrested Forrester, and received a search seizure warrant signed by Judge Beau Oglesby. 

Upon searching the apartment, officers found roughly five pounds of marijuana, a bedroom with several large marijuana plants, two kitchen-size trash bags full of marijuana, Ziploc bags and a piece of paper that had weight designations and pricing for each weight. 

Forrester faces charges of intention to distribute a narcotic, possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana and possession of a gun replica.

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