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A rendering shows the design of a duplex planned for an empty lot along 127th Street. Planning commissioners discussed the plans but they have not been approved yet as staff members work with the developers on logistics of the proposed rooftops.

A modern-looking building with expansive rooftop views may soon take up residence on an empty lot on 127th Street.

At a meeting on Nov. 22, resort planning commissioners discussed a site plan for a three-story duplex. The project calls for five bedrooms in each unit and four parking spaces each on the ground level.

Zoning Administrator Kay Gordy said that for planning purposes the project was treated as a multi-family unit with condos.

She also said the site, which is empty and nestled between two residential buildings, was once used for parking for the Silver Moon Condos on nearby Assawoman Drive.

The units include open rooftops, which offer high beach views from their vantage point.

During discussions, Gordy said staff members ran into some hiccups while reviewing the plans because of the way the building is designed with the rooftop decks. While the rooftops are not rooms, and set to be used for storage, their existence could be considered another floor, which would mean that more parking and larger setbacks would be required.

Gordy said this project would meet the parking, but not the setback. However, she said the code does not provide a clear definition for whether it needs to comply.

“This is one of the items that we have been working on as far as trying to do a code amendment on but it has yet to go through,” she said.

After more discussion, the commissioners decided to table approval of the site plan until their next meeting on Dec. 6. In that time, staff members will work with the developers on the design of the roof to determine whether changes need made to meet code requirements.

This story appears in the Dec. 2, 2022 print edition of the OC Today.

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