EMBERS microbrewery construction

Plans for the all-knew Embers facility now include a first-floor microbrewery, which will share a courtyard (pictured) with neighboring Blu Crabhouse. The microbrewery, founded by former Backshore Brewing Company Nathan Todd, will be the only microbrewery on the resort when it opens, according to Taustin Group Marketing Director Kyler Taustin.

The Taustin Group’s vision of a new Embers experience became clearer last week when plans for a microbrewery on the property received preliminary approval to host live entertainment in its courtyard from the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners.

The 1,200-square-foot microbrewery and tasting room are planned for the first floor of the redeveloped building and will share a courtyard with the existing Blu Crabhouse, another Taustin Group restaurant. 

When it opens, it’ll be the only microbrewery on the resort.

“The space will have a contemporary, laidback vibe,” said Taustin Group Marketing Director Kyler Taustin. “The roof will be made of pallets, there’ll be a glass window behind the bar to see the brew room (and) there’ll be some reclaimed wood (incorporated).”

The first floor of the redeveloped property will feature Blu, the microbrewery, a cafe and the shared, dog-friendly courtyard, Taustin said.

The second floor will host entertainment components and Embers itself will be located on the third floor.

The microbrewery should include 30 indoor seats as well, Taustin added.

Plans for the microbrewery materialized a little later on in the process of designing the redevelopment, Taustin said.

“The microbrewery came into perspective and focus later,” he said. “We are thrilled to be working with Nathan Todd who previously worked with Backshore Brewing before their closure. We are committed to making sure locals and tourists alike have a place to go to enjoy original brews made on the island.”

As for the selections, Taustin said that Todd would be rolling out some of the original brews to be offered on social media starting next week, and the menu will feature beer-based cocktails, snacks and bites that can “supplement” the experience.

The current plan is to approach a summer rollout gradually, floor by floor. Taustin said they’d start with “several openings” on the first floor around May or June, then likely move to the second, then the third.

“Everything at … the property is coming along quite smoothly,” Taustin said. “We’re on track to do that.”

While local hurdles have been cleared, the Taustin Group still must receive federal and state licenses for the microbrewery.

In other news from the liquor board, applications to transfer seven-day beer, wine and liquor licenses were approved for Captain’s Table on 15th Street and Assateague Crab House in Berlin; an application for the same seven-day license was approved for Layton’s on 92nd Street; and Pines Public House and Eatery in Ocean Pines and Globe in Berlin were fined $500 and $1,500, respectively, for selling alcohol to a minor.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that live entertainment would be found on the second floor of Embers. This is incorrect. Live entertainment will be hosted in the courtyard.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on April 29, 2022.

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