Brooke North

(Aug. 3, 2018) After multiple response agencies searched in vain for a woman who reportedly jumped off the Route 50 bridge just after 9 p.m. Sunday, police encountered an apparently intoxicated woman staggering in a nearby parking lot several hours later.

Brooke Caroline North, 39, of Ocean Pines, who was charged with intoxicated endangerment, allegedly told police she was in an argument while walking across the bridge and decided to jump in because she wanted to get away.

Public Affairs Officer Lindsay Richard said about 9:19 p.m., resort police, the U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Maryland State Police were dispatched after witnesses reported a woman had jumped from the Route 50 bridge. The state police scoured the area with a helicopter, shining its spotlight on land and out over the bay.

“All [responders] searched the area for over two hours and were unsuccessful in locating anyone,” Richard said.

At approximately 11:30 p.m., police were told a woman who appeared intoxicated was stumbling around in the gravel parking lot in the 300 block of North Division Street.

Police then spotted a woman in a bikini, later identified as North, staggering in the parking lot.

North allegedly told police she jumped off the bridge, washed up on the rocks, and had been passed out for several hours.

North then related her decision to leave an argument by jumping as she walked over the drawbridge. 

According to the police report, North began screaming at passing vehicles during her questioning by police and was arrested.

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