St. John Neumann's Church, located on Beauchamp Road, is adjacent to the future Evergreen Village. The two properties will be separated by a natural barrier of either red cedars or white pines. 

Development will have 90 single-family homes built at old Pine Shore Golf Course

(Sept. 6, 2019) The Evergreen Village single-family home project proposed for Beauchamp Road received its Residential Planned Community (RPC) zoning designation from the Worcester County Commissioners Tuesday.

The 90-house single-family home development by Blue Water Development, would occupy the site 95-acre site of the former Pine Shore Golf Course property, which has been closed since 2010.

Zoning Administrator Jennifer Keener told the commissioners the project’s impact on the surrounding area would not be significant because of its location in an area that already has been developed.

Commissioner Chip Bertino voiced concerns regarding drainage issues across the street from the development at the River Run Golf Course and whether drainage from the development could affect Ocean Pines.

Director of Environmental Program Bob Mitchell said that all storm water will be treated on site, so it will be self-sufficient within Evergreen.

“There’s an opportunity to discuss it,” Mitchell said in response to potential drainage issues.

During the public hearing, Bob Hand, the designer of Evergreen, said it will contain an interior sidewalk with one entrance at Beauchamp Road and a sidewalk leading toward St. John Neumann Church.

Civil engineer Ronnie Carpenter reported that sewage will be provided by River Run and water by Ocean Pines.

Sheila Zimmer, representing St. John Neumann Church, inquired about a natural barrier between the church and the community. The church is adjacent to where the RPC will be constructed. 

“I just wanted to make sure it’s a part of the deal, because it’s important to us,” Zimmer said.

McCabe assured Zimmer that they would plant either red cedar or white pine trees as a natural barrier and forest conservation area.

Blue Water Development hopes to begin infrastructure work next February and begin construction by late summer.

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