Rick Farr

(Aug. 27, 2021) Legal proceedings begin Monday in Worcester County Circuit Court for disqualified Ocean Pines Board of Directors candidate Rick Farr.

Last week, Judge Beau Oglesby scheduled a preliminary injunction hearing at 11 a.m. on Aug. 30.

Farr went to court after he was disqualified after a hastily convened special meeting on Aug. 5.

Board Secretary Camilla Rogers, who had deemed Farr a qualified candidate at the onset of the election this spring, reversed course heading into the election’s final weeks after receiving an anonymous tip involving transfer of property ownership through a family trust.

On Aug. 6, Rogers said Farr failed to meet candidacy eligibility requirements, which require candidates to be a Pines property owner of record on Jan. 1 of the election year.

Rogers said Farr was classified as a successor trustee on the property deed until after his mother died in May.

What direction the court proceedings head, either to accept election results or restage the contest, remains unknown until Oglesby examines both Farr’s complaint and the board response prior to scheduling a conference with all involved parties.

Farr retained attorney Bruce Bright to file suit prior to the ballot submission deadline on Wed. Aug. 11.

Last Monday, Oglesby issued a temporary restraining order to stay the election until after a hearing to determine if Farr qualifies as a property owner.

Representing the Ocean Pines Board are attorneys Anthony Dwyer and Steve Craig.

Among the actions the judge might take, according to Bright, is scheduling a court hearing or holding a telephone conference with involved parties.

The current board election was between four candidates — Farr, Daly, Stuart Lakernick and David Hardy — vying for two open seats.

Until the court decision is reached, Daly and Frank Brown, who was appointed to fill the vacancy after former Director Steve Tuttle resigned, will continue to serve as directors.

Association bylaws section 5.01 says board members serve three-year terms that expire once successors are selected.

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