Rick Farr

Ocean Pines Director Rick Farr was welcomed aboard during a special meeting last week.

Catching up rapidly said like trying to drink from fire hose

(Jan. 20, 2022) Since being seated on the Ocean Pines Board of Directors last Wednesday, Rick Farr has had an active first week getting up to speed with the new role.

“It’s been a whirlwind in terms of getting to know different people on committees,” he said.

In addition to gaining the lay of the land, Farr was assigned board liaison duties for the Architectural Review and Recreation & Parks committees.

“I’ve been tasked with those roles,” he said.

Speaking on Tuesday, Farr was slated to attend his first ARC Committee meeting later that day.

“I’m doing a meet and greet,” he said.

Before meeting committee members in person, Farr contacted ARC Committee Chair John Dilworth and Recreation & Parks Chair Patti Stevens for introductions.

“I’m getting familiar with different folks on committees and in departments,” he said.

On Monday evening, Farr joined Director Doug Parks for a meeting with Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire President Dave VanGasbeck and Chief Steve Grunewald.

“They gave me a tour of the firehouse,” he said.

Farr expressed strong support for emergency services personnel and apparatus needs.

“It was a great meeting yesterday,” he said. “I hope to assist with their needs.”

To prepare for a two-day board meeting to review the proposed FY 22/23 budget scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday, Farr devoted some time to studying fiscal matters.

“It’s pretty much drinking from the fire hose,” he said.

Despite joining the board with budget preparations already underway, Farr spent the past week reviewing current departmental budget figures and projections.

“I have done lots of background research on the budget,” he said.

Regardless of legal battles stemming from Farr being disqualified in the midst of campaigning in late July, his focus has now shifted to governance duties and positively impacting the community.

“I’m not here to boast about winning,” he said. “I’m here to represent Ocean Pines residents and I’m looking forward to serving them.”

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