The State Highway Administration (SHA) will close down Golf Course Road at the eastbound US 50 intersection on Wednesday to install a drainage pipe as part of the shared-use path construction. 

(July 5, 2019) The State Highway Administration will close Golf Course Road at eastbound Route 50 on Wednesday, July 10, from 9 p.m. and continuing overnight to install drainage pipes as part of the shared-use path construction. 

“The closure is necessary for motorist and worker safety during installation of a drainage pipe across Golf Course Road,” SHA Community Liaison Bob Rager said. 

SHA hopes to complete the installation in one night, but, if necessary, will close the road the following night as well. 

“We considered a later work start, but that would have ensured a second night and possibly a third depending on weather,” Rager said. 

SHA will be posting detour signs that will direct traffic to Route 611, Stephen Decatur Highway, and Route 707, Old Bridge Road. 

“The goal [was] to find a date...to knock it [construction] out in one long night with minimal...disruption” he said. 

The shared-used path construction was unveiled last Tuesday, June 25. The path will connect downtown Ocean City and West Ocean City, from the Route 50 bridge to route 611. 

The construction will require occasional changes in traffic. 

“Motorists should be alert for occasional shoulder closures and off-peak lane closures. Overnight turn-lane closures may be necessary…” a SHA press release said. 

For more information, contact SHA at 443-463-3678.

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