WreckTangle Crew

Police apprehended several individuals for for allegedly trespassing at the new WreckTangle obstacle course on Third Street last Friday

(June 14, 2019) A tick after midnight last Friday, as police were detaining one suspect for allegedly trespassing at the new WreckTangle obstacle course on Third Street, they reportedly observed five other men negotiate over a bent section of fence for an unauthorized two-minute dash that ended in their arrest.

A plainclothes police officer working by the Ocean Bowl Skate Park on St. Louis Avenue reported noticing a man, later identified as Zachary Dale, 18, of Berlin, climbing on an obstacle inside the WreckTangle course.

While he called a uniformed officer, the detective said Dale climbed back over a partially knocked-down section of fencing, greeting several cohorts with enthusiasm, before being placed under arrest.

Police said just as they were detaining Dale in the 100 block of Third Street, a group of five males were seen surveying the fencing surrounding the WreckTangle before quickly locating a pliable section to gain entrance.

The group were later identified as Pittsburgh residents John O’Rourke, 18, Patrick Clark, 18, and Oscar Shaver, 18, along with Anthony DiFolco, 19, of Sewickley, Pennsylvania and an unnamed juvenile.

Police reported the group spent about two minutes inside the closed WreckTangle facility, with several members testing out the course while videotaping their antics.

The young men were stopped shortly thereafter walking north on Philadelphia Avenue and arrested for trespass, which includes a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.

Police said several no trespassing signs are prominently posted on the perimeter fencing, as well as signs listing the WreckTangle obstacle course hours of operation as 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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