(Nov. 29, 2019) Sawndale Wilfred Auguste, 25, of Bridgeville, Delaware faces 13 charges after his partner accused him of choking her and menacingly wielding his handgun. 

On Friday, Nov. 22, Ocean City Police officers reported being dispatched to a midtown hotel to check on the welfare of a woman and her crying children. 

Upon arrival, police met Auguste and his partner and interviewed the two separately. 

His partner told police that she and Auguste had been arguing all day over beneficiary matters. 

As the day wore on, she claimed the suspect drank heavily and grew more and more agitated. 

Later, she said she had driven herself, Auguste and her two children to go grab something to eat. 

During the drive back to the hotel, she and Auguste were arguing when he pulled out a gun, the police report said. 

She told police that the suspect began racking the slide of the gun, but never pointed the gun at either the woman or her children. 

However, her children disputed this claim, and told police that Auguste had pointed his gun at their mother and threatened to kill her. 

When they arrived to the hotel parking lot, she and her children exited the car and attempted to flee from Auguste, but the suspect managed to grab her and began choking her, according to the police report. 

The witness who called police confirmed the woman’s claims of assault, and told police that she, the witness, had taken the children into the hotel away from the violence. 

Police arrested Auguste, and searched his person where they found a 9mm bullet in his left shirt pocket. 

Following his arrest, the alleged victim gave police permission to search the car.

An officer reported finding another 9mm bullet sitting in the center console and found a Taurus handgun on the front passenger floorboard next to a pint bottle of liquor. 

Police then issued a check on the handgun, and discovered that it had been stolen from the Delaware State Police Camden Barrack. 

Police contacted the Maryland Gun Center and learned that Auguste had been prohibited from possessing a handgun after being convicted for a third-degree assault in 2014. 

Auguste refused to speak with police and did not consent to a DNA test. 

He faces charges of possession of stolen firearm, possession of a handgun, possession of a handgun in a vehicle, violent use of a firearm, possession of a loaded handgun, possession of a loaded handgun in a vehicle, illegal possession of ammo, illegal possession of a firearm, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and three charges of reckless endangerment.

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