Jack Orris

Jack Orris, vice chairman of the Berlin Falls Park Advisory Committee

(Aug. 16, 2019) Berlin Falls Park is no longer Berlin Falls Park. It is now “Heron Park,” as declared by the results of public poll.

The Berlin Town Council unanimously approved the name change at its meeting Monday evening.

Jack Orris, vice-chairman of the Berlin Falls Park Advisory Committee, addressed the mayor and council after formally proposing Heron Park for the property on Old Ocean City Boulevard during a July 8 meeting.

“On behalf of the committee, I encourage [the] mayor and council to support the name change,” Orris said.

In a community survey, “Heron Park” had the most votes, apart from “I prefer a different name,” according to survey results.

The survey closed on June 13. Of the 102 participants, 20 people chose Heron Park. “Berlin Falls Park,” “Adventure, Boulevard and Pride parks” followed suit in popularity.

Additionally, 61 respondents elected to make other suggestions, including Berlin Nature Park or Berlin Ponds. The park’s critics proposed “For Sale” and “Higher Taxes for a property we can’t afford park” as alternative names. 

Orris consulted this survey when making his pitch to the mayor and council. 

Mayor Gee Williams then pounded his gavel to convene a public hearing for the matter, but no area residents participated. 

Councilman Dean Burrell moved to accept the Berlin Falls Park Advisory Committee and change the park’s name.

Williams thanked Orris and other committee members for their efforts throughout the process.

“I think as time passes, more pieces can fall together,” Williams said.

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