(Nov. 30, 2018) Two fires within hours of each at two abandoned homes in Pocomoke are being investigated by the Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Pocomoke fire

irefighters from several agencies work to extinguish the flames of two weekend fires in Pocomoke. The fires happened a few hours apart, and within approximately five blocks of each other. 

Flames fully engulfed the two-story home around 10:34 p.m. at 508 Bonneville Avenue, according to the fire marshal’s office. It took crews approximately two hours to extinguish the flames. 

Firefighters then responded around 1:14 a.m. to a second fire at a two-story home on 4 Gray Streer. There was “heavy fire from the front of the structure,” but the flames were put out in less than one hour, the fire marshal’s office said.

Firefighters from several agencies including Pocomoke, Girdletree and Snow Hill responded to the scene, according to the fire marshal’s office. 

The homes were about five blocks away from each other, the fire marshal’s office said.

The home on Bonneville Avenue is the rental property owned by RMB Holdings LLC. from Salisbury, according to the fire marshal’s office. Pocomoke resident Steven Mills Jr. owned the home on Gray Street.

How the fires started is unknown. Anyone with information should call the fire marshal’s office at 410-632-5666 or the Maryland Arson Hotline at 1-800-492-7529.

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