Ricardo Henderson Thomas

Ricardo Henderson Thomas

A Temple Hills man is facing serious charges after falsely leading police to believe his two young children were on the beach unsupervised, and later threatening to burn down the Ocean City jail.

Ricardo Henderson Thomas, 36, of Temple Hills was arrested by Ocean City Police at 3:15 p.m. on June 6 on the Boardwalk near Third Street and charged with threatening arson, littering, having an open container of alcohol, disorderly conduct, and providing a false statement to an officer.

Police said Thomas was stopped by bike patrol officers after he was seen carrying a blue solo cup.

When the officers asked Thomas, what was in the cup, police said, he threw it to the ground and continued to walk.

One of the officers grabbed Thomas’s arm after he was told to stop, and the other officer picked the cup off the ground and determined the beverage had contained alcohol, according to police.

Thomas was arrested and searched when he began to yell and scream that the officers were harassing him, police said. During the search, officers found less than 10 grams of marijuana, police said. 

Thomas then started yelling that his children were on the beach alone with no adult supervision, and when officers asked where the children were, he did not provide any relevant information – all the officers knew was the two children were on the beach alone, possibly, near Third Street.

After a search, police found the children near Seventh Street on the beach with their adult sister – they were never left unattended. 

Thomas was taken to police headquarters for processing, and after being booked into a holding cell, he started yelling and screaming at one of the officers, police said. According to the report, Thomas continued saying his daughter was left by herself when he was arrested nearly eight hours earlier. Thomas then got hostile, police said, and said, “Yo, if there is anything wrong with my daughter, I’m going to burn this ***** place down to the ground.”

When the officer questioned what he just heard, the report stated, Thomas said, “You heard me *******. And if there is something wrong with her, they won’t have to worry about you as well.”

Due to Thomas’s statement, he was charged with threatening arson.

This story appeared in the print version of Ocean City Today on June 11, 2021.

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