Kelly Jenkins

The Worcester County Commissioners present a commendation to Kelly Jenkins, a Commission on Aging employee participating in the Meals on

Wheels program, for intervening to save the life of a Berlin client recently. 

(Nov. 27, 2020) Kelly Jenkins was delivering meals for the Worcester County Commission on Aging Meals on Wheels program when she found a Berlin client who had fallen and was unable to get up on her own. 

Jenkins started working for the commission on aging in September 2019 as a site supervisor in Berlin, but since senior centers shut down in March with the rise of covid-19 cases, Jenkins has been delivering meals through the Meals on Wheels program. 

On Monday, Oct. 5, Jenkins knocked on the door of a 61-year-old client in Berlin and the client called out for help. 

“I opened the door a little bit and realized that I could look straight back to her bedroom,” Jenkins said. “I saw her laying on the floor between her bed and her dresser. She was saying that she needed help and she needed me to call 911.”

The resident, who will remain anonymous, said she had slipped in her bedroom and didn’t have her phone near. 

“I slipped and my foot went under the dresser and went up to my ankle,” the woman said. “I stayed there for about a day and a half.” 

Jenkins then called 911 and stayed with the client until emergency services personnel arrived and confirmed that she was not seriously injured. 

Both Jenkins and the client said they don’t know how long she would have been on the floor without Jenkins. 

“I told her, ‘Ten minutes of you laying on the floor with nobody to help you is way too long,’” Jenkins said. 

The client is now at home and safe again. 

“I’m sure it was a scary thing for her not to have anybody responding to her, no matter how much time it was, just knowing that there was nothing she could do except lay there and just wait for the next person to come and visit her,” Jenkins said. 

“She was my savior that day,” the client said. “She did more than one thing that day.” 

Jenkins said Meals on Wheels and the commission on aging are great services for Worcester County seniors. 

“I have quite a few [seniors] that look forward to me just knocking on the door and standing outside and sharing a few words with them, just to get a smile on their face,” Jenkins said. “Some of our seniors don’t get out. They don’t have visitors like we do.” 

She added that more seniors have signed up for Meals on Wheels during the covid-19 pandemic and that it’s important for them to have these visits.

“You get to see a face,” Jenkins said. “Even if it’s covered and you’re standing outside the door, it’s still important for them to see a face.” 

On Wednesday, Jenkins was commended by the Worcester County Commissioners and John Dorrough, executive director of the commission on aging, for her efforts to assist the client.


Elizabeth covers Worcester County issues for Ocean City Today. In 2018, she graduated from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa with a bachelor of arts. After graduation, Elizabeth spent a year with Lutheran Volunteer Corps in Wilmington, Delaware.

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