Knife threat

Police arrested Raul Dominguez Lopez, 34, of Ocean City, after he was accused of threatening his landlord with a knife last Sunday.

Around noon, police arrived at an 89th Street apartment complex and found Lopez standing outside of his building unit. 

Police reported that Lopez seemed to be highly intoxicated, and could not stand on his own or say complete sentences. 

An officer spoke with the owner of the unit, who told police that he and Lopez lived together, he as the landlord and Lopez as the tenant. 

The landlord told police that he had asked Lopez to move out of the unit three times because he becomes violent when he drinks alcoholic beverages.

According to the police report, the landlord said he asked Lopez to leave again, and that resulted in an argument. 

During the argument, Lopez grabbed a knife from a kitchen drawer, and approached the landlord while making stabbing motions, the report said. 

The landlord told police that he ran to his bedroom and barricaded the door with a chair, but the suspect was able to force himself in.

The witness managed to escape, but told police that he feared for his life and feared Lopez would attempt to attack him again. 

Lopez faces one count of first-degree assault, second-degree assault, wielding a weapon with intent to injure and reckless endangerment.

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