Stuart Lakernick

Stuart Lakernick

Could the doctor be in come mid-August?

Stuart Lakernick is one of the six hopefuls running for the Ocean Pines Board of Directors.

A chiropractor with three degrees, Lakernick is married to former director Esther Diller, with whom he has two adult children.

Looking at the Pines, Lakernick said there is a “huge untapped capital in town” — the people.

“We have a lot of retired people who were managers, lawyers, engineers, accountants, physicians,” he said. “I think somehow we have to utilize some of that untapped talent on our committees. I don’t think the board has always listened to committee recommendations.”

“We have to listen to more of what our committees are telling us. Because they have feet on the street and they know more about their area of expertise. We need to listen more to them.”

As far as coming onboard, Lakernick said one of his “great strengths” is “keeping the business at hand.”

“I can put people in the right place,” he said. “I recognize talents within folks and put them in place so they can shine, give them autonomy but hold them accountable for their actions. I give you room to make your own decisions as manager. If you stray from the goal, I pull you back in — never publicly — and discuss how we can meet our goals better.”

It ties into his desire to focus more on the positives around the community than the negative attention that sometimes pops up in the community and headlines.

“I think the state of the Pines is good,” Lakernick said. “The negative stuff that we see hear and read every week, it’s not indicative of what this community stands for.”

“Ocean Pines is like a cruise ship. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want to be. Activities are going on all the time. It’s a piece of paradise tucked away in Worcester County.”

When it comes to the election, while he aspires to gain the most votes, ultimately, Lakernick just wants people to vote.

“When you’re thinking about who to vote for, find the candidates who share your views and vote for them,” he said. “Regardless of who you vote for, please exercise your right and vote.”

This week and last week, Bayside Gazette is sitting down with the candidates for the Ocean Pines Board of Directors election that will be decided next month. To maintain consistency and fairness, all candidates answered the same questions.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on July 29, 2022.

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