(March 26, 2021) Dina Heise, sole owner and president of Lion Scale Inc., was granted a transfer of a Class D Beer, Wine and Liquor seven-day license for the Liquor Depot at 9935 Stephen Decatur Highway by the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners. 

Liquor Depot

Dina Heise, owner of Lion Scale Inc., was granted a Class D Beer, Wine and Liquor seven-day license for the Liquor Depot at 9935 Stephen Decatur Highway in West Ocean City during the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners meeting on March 17.

The West Ocean City property will be leased with monthly rent. Heise’s husband, Scott, who owns Pizza Tugos next door, will not be involved with the business. Likewise, Heise is not involved with Pizza Tugos the board was told last Wednesday.

Architect Jeff Schoelhopf was hired to make renovations to the property, which has nearly 7,000 square feet of retail space, including storage.

So far, Heise has reorganized shelves at the front of the store. She also plans to remove the bar in the beer garden and incorporate the area into the licensed store.

In addition, the commissioners reviewed a site plan that showed a vestibule at the entrance of the store.

Heise told the commissioners that customers will not be able to enter from the service entrance, only at the front of the store. 

“We’d like you to possibly consider … there’s an existing fenced in area here that’s in the middle of the condo that you can walk out into where that service entrance goes, making that part of the licensed premise because we don’t want to get in trouble if somebody takes alcohol out of the bar,” said attorney Hugh Cropper, who represented Lion Scale at the hearing.

Heise added that she thought that area was already included in the license premise and that she was seeking the same liquor license transfer from Leander Inc. to Lion Scale. 

Another bar with 25 seats will remain inside Liquor Depot. 

“Entertainment would be in the bar area if we chose to do it,” Heise said. 

Furthermore, Heise’s son, Charlie, will be one of the general managers of the liquor store.

The commissioners unanimously approved the license transfer request with the elimination of a restriction that prohibited the sale of alcohol in quantities more than 10 ounces.

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