Lt. Edward Schreier

Lt. Edward Schreier 

(Feb. 8, 2019) Lt. Edward Schreier of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office will be the interim chief for the Snow Hill Police Department, Sheriff Matt Crisafulli announced at the Worcester County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

Crisafulli said Snow Hill Mayor Stephen Matthews contacted his office after the “untimely resignation” of then-police chief Tom Davis. 

Davis announced his resignation in a Jan. 26 Facebook post and planned to “seek the next chapter [of] opportunities.” 

The 60-day appointment for Schreier, a public information officer for the sheriff’s office, began at 8 a.m. on Monday, and the assignment would finish at 4 p.m. on April 5, Crisafulli said in a email to Worcester County Commissioners’ President Diana Purnell. He added Schreier would work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Crisafulli said Schreier would still wear the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office uniform and drive a patrol vehicle.

“Lt. Schreier will ultimately be under my direction and control, Crisafulli said. “He will be given duties as assigned at my pleasure.” 

While Crisafulli said there hadn’t been conversations about reimbursements, he cited previous instances involving larger agencies that hadn’t been reimbursed.

Crisafulli added he’d be “detailing them out,” meaning deputies could assist other agencies while still remaining part of the sheriff’s office.

Commissioner Ted Elder cited safety concerns as reason to approve the request.

“I think the bottom line is we need to have Snow Hill protected,” Elder said. “We don’t want to have any of these commissioners getting mugged on the way out to the car, and I can’t think of anybody better to do that job than the sheriff’s [office] and Lt. Schreier.”

To which Commissioner Bud Church quickly retorted “you’re the one most likely to get mugged.”

Commissioner Joshua Nordstrom suggested researching policy, and cited “division of responsibilities,” in case someone simultaneously has a “concern with the Snow Hill Police Department and the Worcester County Sheriff’s [Office].”

County Attorney Maureen Howarth said Crisafulli is within his rights to assist.

“The sheriff … as the county sheriff has the jurisdiction throughout the county,” Howarth said. “So he has jurisdiction in the town anyway. He has the authority to help any town as he sees fit.”

Nordstrom made the motion to approve the request, and Elder seconded it. The vote was 6-1, with Commissioner Jim Bunting dissenting.

“I don’t understand the terminology, and I really don’t understand why we’re not being reimbursed for the salary and the benefits of the person that’s going to be there for 60 days, and I’m not going to support this,” Bunting said.

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