Sources familiar with the operations of the Trimper's Rides company said a big shift in management had occurred. Family members declined to comment. 

New directions possible under different leadership

(March 13, 2020) Trimper’s Rides, the oldest continuously family-operated amusement park in the country, is about to undergo some changes, as will the family corporation, Windsor Resorts Inc., which owns the amusements and numerous other Boardwalk properties in Ocean City.

Exactly what kind of changes are unknown, except that the branch of the Trimper family that has managed the company since 1980, stepped down this week, thus allowing other members of the clan to assume control.

People familiar with the operation — family members had no comment — said the change in management was precipitated by the 2018 death of a stockholder who had resisted suggestions that the company change directions.

According to multiple historical documents, the family corporation dates back to the late 1800s, when German immigrant Daniel Trimper and his wife, Margaret, bought beachfront property that became Windsor Resorts in 1893.

Upon his death in 1929, he was survived by seven children, including Daniel Trimper Jr., who took the company’s reins and went on to become mayor of Ocean City.

He and other members of the family pooled their ownership rights in 1936 to form Windsor Resorts Inc. Over the next several decades, ownership of the stock spread throughout the extended Trimper family, which now stretches from New York to Florida.

Daniel Jr. died in 1965, and the company was led by his son, Daniel III, with his cousin Granville Trimper Jr. serving as executive vice president. Both were grandsons of the family patriarch.

After Daniel III retired in 1980, Granville Trimper Jr. assumed the leadership and ran the company until his death in 2008, at which time his children and grandchildren moved into that role.

Their turn at the company’s helm, however, has shifted to the heirs of the Daniel Jr. side of the family, who evidently will decide what comes next.

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