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Manuel Armando Escalante Jr.

(May 7, 2021) A man who evaded arrest for 10 and a half years in conjunction with a 2010 stabbing on 54th Street is headed to Worcester County Circuit Court for indictment after a preliminary hearing this week.

Manuel Armando Escalante Jr., 47, of Federalsburg, appeared in district court Wednesday via video conference from the Worcester County Jail.

He faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and dangerous weapon intent/injury stemming from a July 2010 incident in which he allegedly stabbed a man multiple times at what was then Yang’s Palace near 54th Street.

Ocean City Police Detective David Witmer testified Wednesday that when officers arrived on scene they found the victim with “several stab wounds to the chest and no vital signs.”

Police learned quickly that Escalante, whom witnesses identified by a nickname, reportedly stabbed the man because of a previous argument. Witmer said witnesses reported that Escalante felt the victim owned him an apology.

At the hospital, the victim was found to have five stab wounds to the chest and a laceration on his hand. His heart, lungs and aorta were punctured and his injuries were characterized as “life threatening,” according to the testimony.

The victim identified Escalante as the person who stabbed him through a photo array but officers were not able to locate him until last month, when he turned himself in on an arrest warrant in Texas. Shortly thereafter he came back to Worcester County, where he is still held without bail.

The judge found probable cause to move the case to circuit court for indictment.

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