Kyle Whitmer

Kyle S. Whitmer, of Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania

(Oct. 26, 2018) A 20-year-old man was arrested Saturday and charged with second-degree assault after a woman was found covered in blood, according to an arrest report from the District Court of Maryland.

Police were called about an assault at a downtown hotel and arrived to find a woman whose face and right hand were covered in blood. She also had a split lip and swelling on parts of her face, police report.

It’s unclear how the victim got her injuries, as “she may have lost consciousness,” police said. She told police that she and the suspect –later identified as Kyle S. Whitmer, of Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania–had been dating on-and-off for approximately nine months.

She added that an altercation might have happened within one hour of police arrival, but a hotel employee clarified it was closer to 10 minutes. 

The victim was taken to Atlantic General Hospital to be treated for her injuries, according to the report. 

The officer on scene said he saw smeared blood on the door of the hotel room, which he said is “consistent with bloody fingers being rubbed against the frame.”

The victim allowed police to enter the hotel room, but Whitmer was not there, according to the report. The officer also saw smeared blood on the walls and on a curtain in front of the balcony door.

Whitmer was later found outside the hotel, and police said he matched the description of previously recorded surveillance video. The officer added he saw Whitmer had dried blood on his white sneaker. 

Whitmer agreed to speak with the officer and said he hadn’t seen the victim for approximately two hours and the last time he saw her was when she ran away from him by a bathroom on the 22nd Street boardwalk, according to the report. He added he was taking medication for depression and had consumed approximately six shots of vodka. He also said he had broke his hand after punching a wall, and needed to wear a cast.

The officer observed Whitmer crying when being told him the victim was taken to the hospital for her injuries. Whitmer added he returned to their hotel room after she ran and found her “lying face down on the floor and was not responsive,” but said he said she was upset and “does not like to be bothered when she is crying, and” didn’t think much of it.

“When I told Whitmer I observed blood and injuries on … face, blood on the door frame and on the inside of the hotel room … and I observed blood on his shoe, Whitman began to cry and moan even louder,” the officer said.

Whitmer was placed under arrest, and said, “I’m so sorry,” according to the report.

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