Willie Lamar Tazewell

Willie Lamar Tazewell

A Bishopville man was accused last week of giving Ocean City Police false identities to avoid being arrested for an active warrant in Cambridge.

Willie Lamar Tazewell, 30, was pulled over after police saw him driving north on Philadelphia Avenue, a southbound-only road, before turning onto Third Street and traveling north on Baltimore Avenue.

According to police, Tazewell said he was new to the area and did not realize Philadelphia Avenue was a one-way street.

Police also reported stopping the car and detecting the smell of marijuana coming from the interior. Tazewell reportedly said that was the result of him having the drug in his car a few days earlier.

Police asked him for his registration and insurance, which Tazewell said he did not possess. Instead, Tazewell said his name was Darrell Kenneth Tazewell, and he was born on June 24, 1989.

A check with Police Communications, however, produce no results. Tazewell was asked once more to spell his name, police said, and he responded with the name name Darrla Kennte Tazewell. Again, communications was unable to verify the name.

Police said Tazewell explained that his license was suspended and his girlfriend, who was at a nearby hotel, could verify his identity.

One of the officers drove to the hotel to speak with the girlfriend, who provided an additional and different fictitious name, according to police records.

Since police were unable to identify Tazewell, he was placed under arrest and taken to police headquarters.

While in booking, Tazewell provided personnel with another fictitious name, according to court records. After realizing it was not his name, booking personnel told Tazewell they were going to fingerprint him and send it to the FBI’s database.

The FBI’s database confirmed Tazewell’s real name as Willie Lamar Tazewell, born on June 15, 1991, and the photo on file matched the suspect.

With the correct name, a new check was conducted and found he did not have a license and he was wanted for burglary-related charges in Cambridge.

Tazewell told booking personnel he used his brother’s information to avoid facing the warrants and that he has done this before with success.

He was charged with two counts of providing a false identity to avoid prosecution, providing a false statement to police, obstructing, and hindering an investigation, and numerous traffic violations.

This story appears in the print version of Ocean City Today on May 13, 2022.

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