Darron Maurice Tillison is accused of attempting to hold his wife’s head under water in the bathtub on Aug. 31 and faces assault and other charges.

(Sept. 6, 2019) A man who is accused of attempting to hold his wife’s head under water in the bathtub on Aug. 31 faces assault and other charges. 

According to court documents, police answered a domestic assault call at 67th Street and met Darron Maurice Tillison, 56, of Newark, Delaware, who said his wife had punched and scratched him without cause. 

When police questioned him further, he became uncooperative and refused to talk about the situation, the police report said. 

Police then spoke with his wife, who said her husband had become violent after she refused to give him her car keys the night before. She said that Darron was highly intoxicated, and wanted to use her car to go a bar and drink more. 

She claimed that Darron began to follow her around the house demanding the keys. The victim told police that Darron had assaulted her multiple times in the past, so she hid in the hallway bathroom and later in her niece’s room—fearing he would hurt her again.

Around 6 a.m. the victim said she came out of hiding and began packing to leave before her husband woke up. However, when she entered her bathroom she found her belongings in the bathtub, which was full of water. 

The victim claimed that Darron came in a few minutes later, and told her, “Now we are going to finish this. You think I don’t know what to do, as long as I don’t leave marks, it’s my word against yours. You are about to be dunked.” 

She said that Darron grabbed her by her neck and attempted to dunk her head into the bathtub. The victim fought back, hitting him and scratching his arm in order to break free from his grasp. 

After interviewing the victim, her brother and other family members, police determined that Darron was the aggressor. 

The suspect faces charges of malicious destruction of property and second-degree assault.

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