(March 8, 2019) Max Arthur Schindler, 40, of Maugansville, Maryland faces 20 years in the Maryland Department of Corrections for attacking a woman on June 3, 2018, in downtown Ocean City.

Schindler, who was convicted of first-degree and second-degree assault Jan. 9 in Worcester County Circuit Court, was sentenced March 1 by Worcester County Circuit Court Judge Beau H. Oglesby.

The respective felony and misdemeanor counts of assault were merged for sentencing purposes. Schindler also was charged initially with a misdemeanor count of possessing a controlled dangerous substance, not marijuana. But he didn’t face prosecution for that charge.

According to a report issued by the Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County, two independent witnesses saw Schindler “tackle the victim to the ground, strike her in the face, and then choke her with both hands while she screamed for help” last June in the area of 12th Street and Philadelphia Avenue.

The victim broke free from Schindler’s grasp, the report states, but Schindler pursued her across the street before using a “nearby flagpole to stab her and beat her until witnesses were able to confront him and police arrived on scene.”

Officers, the report indicates, “observed numerous injuries to the victim, including bruising, abrasions and bleeding, and determined she was in fear for her life during the attack.”

Worcester County State’s Attorney Kristin Heiser praised officers from the Ocean City Police Department for their efforts during the investigation, as well as Assistant State’s Attorney Paul Haskell’s successful prosecution of the case.

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