Aloft Hotel

Aloft Ocean City project architect Keith Lott held an informal discussion regarding a beach-themed 18-hole miniature golf course as a potential accessory attraction during the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Tuesday.

(Dec. 7, 2018) A new 18-hole miniature golf course appears to be lining up to accompany the Aloft Hotel construction project at 45th Street bayside.

Project architect Keith Lott held an informal discussion about a potential alteration for the 45th Street Village master site plan during the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Tuesday.

“The original application was for a 16,000-square-foot, two-story retail building that was constructed over the parking lot,” he said.

Lott said upon further review the dual level structure planned for the parcel’s southeast side was deemed obtrusive. Aloft Ocean City, a five-story 120-room hotel, is slated to open spring 2019. 

“Particularly with respect to the hotel in terms of blocking the view corridor,” he said.

In November 2016, the 45th Street Village became a joint venture after its previous sole owners, the Sibony family, who operate the Sunsations beach store chain, and the Burbage family, founders of Blue Water Development Corporation, joined forces.

The families are working on redeveloping the former Assawoman Brewery parcel into Aloft Ocean City, which broke ground in March, with the 45th Street Taphouse and Ocean City Barbeque remaining in operation.

Lott said the new proposal for the southeast spot is a “beach-themed,” miniature-golf course incorporating relevant design elements, such as a VW Microbus and lifesaving station.

Harris Miniature Golf, based in Wildwood, New Jersey, was retained as course design consultants, Lott said.

While noting conditional use approval for the site plan change would be required prior, Lott said subsequent steps involve environmental site design to include areas for vegetation and “incorporating storm water practices within the confines of a miniature golf course.”

“That’s going to be an interesting exercise,” he said.

Zoning Administrator Frank Hall said the applicant would next need to seek conditional use approval.

“I just want to know if the holes can be a little bit bigger so I have a chance,” he said.

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