Owner of scooter is in stable condition. 

(July 5, 2019) A moped driver who was flown to Shock Trauma in Baltimore following an accident on Coastal Highway last Wednesday, June 26, sustained no serious injuries. 

“The moped driver tried to cut around a city bus that was in the bus lane, and did not realize that southbound traffic was stopped at the light,” said Ashley Miller, Ocean City Police Department deputy communications manager. 

The driver, a 65-year-old male, did not strike a Chevy Cruise as previously stated. Upon further investigation, police found that he had attempted to stop the scooter, but dropped the moped and fell off. 

No other parties were involved in the crash.

The accident occurred on the Coastal Highway and 123rd Street. Police shut down parts of the road for about an hour, from 1-2 p.m., and the driver was flown out of Northside Park on 125th Street. 

Although earlier reports said the driver had been critically injured, Miller said that the driver only sustained minor face injuries. 

After receiving treatment at Shock Trauma, the driver was relocated to seek treatment for a pre-existing medical issue unrelated to the crash. 

There is currently no data on moped accidents in Ocean City. 

“We tracked moped accidents a few years ago, but once Maryland started the regulations on moped registrations, there was a decline in accidents, which mean we no longer had a need to single them out,” Miller said. 

However, the public may search for specific incidents using OCPD’s search engine at www.p2c.ocpdmd.com.  

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